"IThe new lyric of the gods "

h 62cm - 1/12
from the Songs of HOMER

"Oh Hermes, divine messenger of Zeus, son of Maia, hear me, you with your almighty soul, judge of the games, exalted above mortals, benefactor and provider of lists, messenger as fast as lightning with winged feet, friend of humanity and enlightener of the word of mankind..."

Hermes, son of Zeus, his messenger and herals, the God of speed, of Commercial Skill, of Thieves, leads the wanderers to earth and the souls to the kingdom of the dead. He protects the street crossings, where his statue with its immense member was erected. Money and fertility, intelligence and skill are his gifts. His feet are winged, he wears the helmet that makes him invisible and carries in his hand the staff of hermes, the mysterious golden snake rod that Apollo once traded for his fleet, as he had previously presented Hermes with his herds in exchange for the lyre that he invented as a child. He often watches over the heroes like Perseus or Heracles, and rescued Odysseus from the Circe and also liberated him from the love bands of the Calypse. It is understandable when one thinks that Hermes was the great-grandfather of the heroes.