"The new lyric of the gods"

h 53cm - 1/12
from the Song of ORPHEO

" Come, oh blissful Apollo, prophetic and wild God of Light, obliging and kind God of the Young, Lord of the Muse, leader of dances, archer capable of reaching far targets, contradictory oracle, the eye that glances upon mortals and sees everything, God of the Golden Curls, who mitigates the universal destiny of the earthly through harmony, you, who in the entire cosmos possesses the Seal of the Creator..."

As Zeus is the heavens, so is his son, Apollo, the eye of the sun. From him emanate the lifegiving rays that illuminate the world of humanity, and his time is the Summer. His rays can also transform into arrows, unerringly destructive against monster, giants, and enemies of the gods, or also into virile seed for his innumerable lovers, and the bow with which he is armed can resound with many chords and transform into an instrument of highest excellence, the lyre. For this reason Apollo is the God of Poetry and Prophecy expressed in rhymes. Lord and lover of the Muses, the prophetesses, and the Nymphs, as well as God of Vegetation and Nature. His plant is the laurel, his gifts, music and measurement (as such, the father of Pythagoras), and the salvation after death.