"The new lyric of the gods"
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Aphrodite and Ares

sons of Zeus, are the Divine Couple. In them love and death, two of the most opposite elements possible, unite. They represent the image of profound symbolism in ancient Greece.

On one hand there is Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and not only that of the physical kind but also that belonging to the of purity of the soul.

She is represented by a dove, which also is the symbol of peace.

On the other, there is Ares, God of brutal strength, of anger and violence, always accompanied by his two children, fear and terror. He is the symbol of destruction joined with love, through the power of Eros.

Only Aphrodite, at times, will manage to rid him of his weapons, tire him with love, and make him lay against her Godly body asleep where peace prevails.

In this mythical embrace we may find the roots of the famous saying...

"Make love not war"