"The new lyric of the gods"

h 70cm - 1/12
from the "Shield"

"Here on the shield of Heracles etched in gold were the horses with the quick hooves of the terrible Aries, and here was also chiseled the same Aries, Carrier of Trophies, Bringer of Death, who holds a lance in his hand and who encouraged warriors, red wizh blood, as he mounted the war chariot after the slaughter, and beside him were etched Fear and Panic, ready to rush into the War of Men..."

Aries, son of Zeus and Hera. In contrast to Athena, who fights when necessary, Aries takes joy and blooms in carnage and in the battle, paying no heed to the cause or purpose of the war. Heavily armed, he has superhuman stature and a horrifying battle cry. Fear and Panic are his sons and arms bearers. He lives in wild and warlike regions and the Amazons are his daughters. The God of Brutal Powers, of Anger and Violence, he does not win every battle,and Athena, the Goddess of Intelligent Powers, is his enemy, as is Heracles, enemy and victorious opponent, the Hero of Creative Powers. He has many sons from mortal women, almost all of which are murderers or violent personalities. His animals are the scavenging hyena and vulture, and the rage unrestrained. Only Aphrodite can manage from time to time to undress him of his weapons, and to tire him through lovemaking until he falls asleep on her divine body, so waking peace.