"The new lyric of the gods"
 h 51,5cm - 1/12
from the Songs of HOMER

"I sing to you, oh Artemis of the Golden Arrows, she, who utters the cry, honorable virgin,archer-hunter of the stag, twin of Apollo of the Golden Sword, she who bends her bow with pleasure in the shadow of the mountains and upon the windswept peaks, shooting painful arrows and then laying aside the curved bow and arrows, leading the Muses to dance in the rhythm of her steps, bejeweled with all beauty . . . "

, daugther of Zeus and twin of Apollo, eternally virginal and eternally young and wild. A master of archery like her brother, but her eye of the moon. Addicted to revenge and terrible, a never-tiring huntress, she fought against monsters and giants, and was honored in all of the forest regions of Greece.
She is the Mistress of wild animals and also requires human sacrifices. But first she transforms them into animals, and then hunts them or allows them to be ripped to pieces by her dogs. She protects the Amazons and as a moon goddess, she knows the ways of magic.
The lunar cycle, light, shadow, blood, disappearance and reappearance are her affiliates, as exclusive feminine domain, unfathomable for man. But her arrows can also bring sudden death, sweet and without pain, for those who she loves.