"The new lyric of the gods"
h 54cm - 1/12
from the Songs of ORPHEO

"Oh Athena Inspiring, you who strikes the wicked with delusion and who is wisdom for the good, who advises man and woman, creator of war and intelligence, you multifarious, you redeemer of the evil, you victorious power, day and night, always, at the unexpected hour,oh hear me. I beg you, oh you blue eyed, inventor of the arts, you queen so implore..."

, conceived by Zeus with his first wife, Meta (the Caution), was not born of the motherly body, which Zeus devoured because of a threatening prophecy of his dethronement. From the mouth of Zeus she lapt, already youthful and armed with a long and powerful battle cry. Goddes of the art of war, she battled victoriously with the giants and protected the heroes in the same spirit as Heracles and Odysseus. Goddes of Reason, Protector of the Arts, Literature, Science, and of Inventive and Constructive Techniques. Of consummate beauty, eternally virginal Athena, armed with helmet and magic shield (designed with the head of the Gorgon, Medusa, whose glance turned opponents to stone), the armor, magic as well, the breast armor with majestic attributes of power as possessed by Zeus, and the lance. Her symbolic plant is the olive tree, created by her, and the owl as divine animal, symbol of indefatigable thought.She leads the warrior into battle and the philosopher on his spiritual journey. Irony and rationality, she hates sense less violence and the overflow of passion.