"The new lyric of the gods"
from the Song of ORPHEUS

"Oh Demetrius, Mother of all, power with many names, honorable Demetrius, who nurtures the young, provides blood, generous divinity, who makes the shoots grow, and grants good to those who rejoice in peace and good works. You source of seed, you reservoir of corn, protector of threshing, power of the vegetable garden, you earthly, you manifest and all benevolent, come, oh holy one, loaded with summer fruit, peace, and leading good along with you, the desirable order..."

h 50cm - 1/12
Demetrius sister and wife of Zeus, who conceived with him the daughter, Persefone, embodies the cultivated and fertile earth, the nurturing wheat. In all regions of the Hellenistic world where corn grew, there was the cult of Demetrius. Her great myth is based upon the annual fertility cycle of the fields which begins at the start of the year with the return of her daghter, Persefone, stolen by Hades, God of Underworld, and which dies at the end of Autumn with her renowed return to the Empire of the Dead. The patron of the legume, the fig, and the pomegranate, with her mark of the grains. The arc of the year reflects in its course the renewed finding of the stolen daughter in the richness of the harvest.