"The new lyric of the gods "

h 58cm - 1/12
from the Songs of ORPHEO

"You, electrifying Dionysus, I call upon the celebrator, the firstborn of double nature, born three times, the exalted drunk, wild, indescribable, hidden, with doubled horns and doubled form, an ivy wreath upon your bull head, warrior in the cry of lust, pure, devourer of raw meat, who returns every three years, you provider of grapes adorned with leave..."

, God of the Grapevines, Wine, and Intoxicating Plants, son of Zeus and Semela, was born two times. As the mother was drowned by Hera, Zeus rescued the fetus in its sixth month and sewed it into his thigh until maturity. After much adversity and travel, also into the Underworld, he was accepted into the Circle of the Gods (the third birth).His most important symbol is the "Triso", his mysterious weapon, a long staff decorated with ivy and ribbons and crowned with a pine cone and leaves, and the double theater masks of the tragic and comic.He is actually the god of the ambiguity of existence, of reality, and of its appearance. Terrible and benevolent, humane and animalistic,warlike and effeminate, young and old, bearded and unbearded. Dionysus is the god of the theater, and of the wisdom one archives in the loss of reason, be it in unbearable pain or in the excess of joy. He fills the cavities of the mask as well as that of the chalice, and forms the symbol of emptiness.