"The new lyric of the gods "

62cm - 1/15

Eros, the God of Love. His personality is very complex. In ancient theogonies, he was born at the same time as the earth and created directly from primitive Chaos; but it was also said that he was born from the primordial egg created by the night, exactly when the two halves divided forming the earth and sky.

This origin becomes his vocation and strength, a great mediator among two opposite parts. He ensures not only the continuation of the species but also the cohesion with the cosmos.

Eros is an impulse towards eternity, that is brought by through procreation. Eros is the one that produces harmony and concordance between the opposite parts of the body.

Eros is the search for our other half, to create One, an attempt to heal the fracture brought by human nature, as according to Plato.

Eros seems to be stronger than other desires and pleasures, he can dominate them; Aphrodite, through him, manages to possess Ares, even though him being strong and cruel.

Who possses becomes stronger than who is being possessed. In joining opposites Eros creates Harmony and Beauty, even in the soul. Eros is beauty, him being a great animator, the fountain of creative sensuality.