"The new lyric of the gods"

h 57cm - 1/12
from the Songs of HOMER

"Oh Ephaestus, glorious in wisdom, sing oh luminous Muse, he, like Athena with the blue of the eyes, taught in his splendid works all humanity, who at that time still lived in the caves of the mountains like animals, and as they became capable of handwork thanks to his gloriousart, spent the whole course of the year happily in the houses. And therefore be generous to me, oh Hepaestus, give me prowess and welt..."

, son of Zeus and Hera, is the Lord of Earthly Fire and the Volcanoes, where he runs his workshop with the help of the Cyclopes. His flame melts metal and stone, he controls the rivers, creates the lightning bolts for Zeus, the jewelry for the goddesses, and the weapons of the heroes. He creates crowns of pure gold and clubs of glowing iron, with which he defeats the giants. For him there are no technical difficulties, creating even from the mire the body of Pandora, the first woman. Although plagued with a limp and ugly from the smoke of the fire and the heat of his oven, he was the lover of Gracia and the husband of Aphrodite. The father of researchers and sculptors, overwhelming desire drove him to bring his semen into contact with the thigh of Athena who pushed him away, and in falling to the ground he bore Erittonic, the first King of Athens.