"The new lyric of the gods "
from the Song of ORPHEUS

"Oh Hera,
Queen of Space, you who resides in the blue shore, creature of air, blissful spouse of Zeus.
You, who grants your lovely favor to the mortals, who feeds the soul, mother of the rain, seamstress of the wind, you creator of all, blissful goddess of many names, of all queens.
Oh come benevolent, ceremonius one with your magnificent face..."


63,5cm - 1/12

Hera, sister and wife of Zeus, the greatest of the Olympic goddesses. Her marriage with Zeus was celebrated with innumerable ceremonies and festivals throughout the Greek world.

The statue of the goddess, bejeweled with a marriage wreath, was carried in festive processions to her sanctuary, where in the interior stood the holy marriage bed. Protector of the legitimately married, she often embodied jealousy and practiced revenge.

The bird that accompanies and symbolizes her is the peacock, in whose splendid wreath of feathers when "find again" the thousand eyes of Argos, her servant, the watchful eyes of jealously.