"The new lyric of the gods "

h 58,5cm - 1/12
from the Songs of HOMER

"I sing for you, oh Poseidon, you great god, who shakes the earth and fertilizes the sea, God of Water, who owns Elicona and the wide Aegean. The gods granted you, oh shaker of the earth, the double honor of being the Tamer of Heroes and the Savior of Ships. Greetings, oh Poseidon, you who encompasses the earth, with black-blue curls, hurry to help, oh blissful one of beneficiary heart, who navigates the seas..."

, the brother of Zeus, although older than he, divided with him the cerimonial majesty and is the God of Water, not only of the sea, but of the whole earth, and is the God of the Waves, Springs, and Oceans. As god of the internal waters he is also the God of Earthquakes, called up by the striking of his tripod against the earth. In the division of theworld, Poseidon received the wonderful Atlantis, whose kings were all his children. He had many sons, often wicked or ugly.His ruling instrument is the tripod, originating from humans, and the most important tool of the ancient tuna fishers. Everywhere the storms and oceans obey him, whether stormy or at rest, as does the animal life of the seas and the spirits of the waters. Because of the wave analogy of the earthquake, he was also appointed as Lord of the Horses. And Pegasus, the winged horse, whose hoof-beat brought forth springs, was his son with medusa.