The new lyric of the gods
from the Songs of HOMER

"Oh Zeus Kronios,
you who holds the scepter, you who descends in thunder and lightning,original sourceof the rain, you creator of all, beginning of all things and their completion,you, who lets the earth quake, who fertilizes her, who purifies her, you mover of all, catapulter of lightning, thunder-producing Zeus; Oh, hear me in your many forms..."


h 66cm - 1/12

Zeus, Lord of the Heavenly Water, the Charitable Rain, the Earthly Storms, he is also Supreme Judge. His symbol, the eagle which accompanies him, sees all and floats above everything.

From the clouds, when he is well-intentioned, Zeus sends the fertilizing water, in anger, however, he slings lightning down upon the wicked and the unjust in his absolute power. Once before he wiped out humanity through flood, form which he spared only Deucalion and Pirra, who drifted upon the waves for nine days and nine nights until they found land again in the mountains of Tessaglia.

The laws of the world are in his thoughts, he binds the caos in the cosmos. God of the Ethreal Light guarding the vows, the power of the kings, he weighs the fates and with one movement of his head he lets the world shudder.

King of the Olympic gods, he has loved and impregnated innumerable goddesses and women in the creation of heroes. He fought against dark divinities, monsters, giants, and titans who threatened the Creation.

His powerful right hand holds the world in balance.